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Safe Anesthesia for All Patients

Kelley Gardner, CRNA, Inc. provides an impressive range of professional, safe, and dependable anesthesia services to patients in the Sacramento, California area. We're proud to offer our expertise at extremely competitive rates. All of our billing is handled in-house, making the entire process more convenient for the professionals with whom we partner.


As a healthcare professional, there's no better feeling providing confidence and peace of mind to your patients. Rely on us to provide a safe sleep for any person undergoing a large variety of medical procedures, including thoracic operations. Your patients are sure to appreciate the expertise, professionalism, and skill we bring to the table, and you'll love how affordable our rates are for our high-quality level of service. With our extensive knowledge, we're able to provide anesthesia services for many different medical fields, including:

» General Anesthesia
» High-Risk Obstetrical Anesthesia
» Orthopedics
» Urology
» Labor & Delivery
» Podiatry
» Thoracic
» Preoperative
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Sedation for GI

Nothing is important to you than the comfort and safety of the people you're caring for. All medical professionals, including hospital-based employees, benefit from our meticulous attention to detail and our affordable rates. We specialize in providing sedation for patients undergoing gastrointestinal procedures. These services are ideal for professionals with high-risk patients in a hospital setting. Additionally, we offer freestanding, surgical GI clinics. The sedation of the patient, whether it's light or deep sedation, is included in our services. When you depend on our expertise, your patients wake up sooner feeling significantly less nauseated.

Office-Based Anesthesia

There are many situations in which anesthetics are required outside of a hospital setting. We're qualified to work in office settings for professionals specializing in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, and more. Our services are also ideal for healthcare professionals undergoing office accreditation consulting. Regardless of your scope of practice, your patients are sure to leave your office with less nausea, more personal comfort, and more satisfaction in the procedure. Contact us today to learn more about the affordable rates for our office-based services, including:

» IV Sedation » General Anesthesia » Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA)